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Working through music, art, dance, and drama the children learn integral skills that enhance their learning. Whilst at school, every child will be given the opportunity to express themselves through the arts, to think creatively, to learn perseverance and to keep focus, to work in collaboration with others understanding that their contribution to the group is fundamental to it's success, and to build a confidence that can be transferred into other areas of learning.

Our aim is to stimulate creativity and imagination and to encourage pupils to design, make, evaluate and use their technical knowledge. Pupils use colour, form, texture, pattern, and different materials and processes to communicate what they see, feel, and think. Cooking and nutrition are also included.

Pupils are also encouraged to identify different kinds of art through the work of artists, craftspeople, and designers in both contemporary life and in different times and cultures.

An aesthetically pleasing environment for learning encourages children to value their own work and the work of others; display around school is therefore an important feature.


We aim to develop both practical and creative skills. The subject combines elements of art and craft, science and technology. It is designed to challenge the children to find a solution to set problems.

Children are taught a range of skills through focused and practical tasks, which are then put to use in a variety of ‘Design and Make’ assignments. These include puppets, sandwiches, trolls etc. These projects will link to our topics or will support enterprise projects.

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