Y4 week beginning 27.3.17

Date: 26th Mar 2017 @ 11:40am

Good morning everyone, we hope you enjoying this lovely weather. Happy Mothers Day, make sure you spoil them all day! I am waiting for Emma to come home, we will cook lunch together. Olivia is at present walking up a volcano in Bali to watch the sun rise but will face time us later.

it is assessment week this week and as usual nothing to worry about. We will share your results with you. This just helps us plot where you are, set targets for you and inform our planning for next half term. We will also be having a lot of fun.

On Tuesday it will be our turn to visit the Church exhibition, the Easter extravaganza linked to the Rights of the Child. We will be leaving at 9.55 and would welcome parents to join us on the walk and also around the stations inside church. If you are available would you mind sending Mrs. Crotty or myself a message so that we can add you to the risk assessment. Thank you. We will return in time for lunch.

Tuesday is a busy day as it is the Popera concert in the afternoon and all choir will be leaving after their lunch. This will be a very exciting event and all choir members will have a magical time.

Many of you have words to learn for  our part in the Easter Service that is to be held in St. Oniface Church on Friday 31st March at 10am. Once again the whole school will be walking  to church and we will appreciate any help of parents who can walk with us. We will complete our art work so that it is ready to show the congregation. Don't forget your Lenten boxes.

Another term coming to an end, time is flying by.

See you all tomorrow.

Love Mrs.W and Mrs. W x

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