Y2 News & Information 2.5.17

Date: 1st May 2017 @ 5:13pm


Week Beginning 2nd May

I can’t quite believe it is May and we are half way through tis half term. I hope you all enjoyed the extra log weekend May Day break. The bingo on Saturday evening was great fun. it was lovely to catch up with some ex parents and pupils.


In English we are continuing work linked to our whole school text ‘Sea Of Dreams’. We have started learning how to write non-chronological. last week the model was taught to the children. This week we will be imitating the style using the theme of Mermaids.

In Mathematics we are now working on reinforcement activities for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

We are continuing with work on the theme “What Wonderful World” looking at the world from a geographical perspective and finding out about different kinds of homes including ocean habitats. This links with our Science focus on Living Things and Different Habitats as well as to our school project on Sea of Dreams. In science we are continuing to develop discussion, sorting and classifying skills around Living Things.

In phonics/spelling the focus is on

  • The /ɔ:/ sound spelt ‘a’ before ‘l’ and ‘ll’ – call, tall, ball, walk, talk, always
  • The /ɔ:/ sound spelt ‘ar’ after ‘w’ - war, warm, towards, ward, warn.

We continue in all lessons to develop and reinforce the use of different spelling strategies. We will also be reinforcing all the spellings for the long vowel phonemes.

Our handwriting focus is on the following letters - top group o v w ; others e x z

In RE this half term we are discussing God The Holy Spirit/Trinity – What do Christian symbols teach about the Holy Spirit? and Creation/Stewardship – Why do Christians look after their local environment?

Our PE days are Monday (first lesson) and Wednesday (last lesson).

The children are welcome to change their reading book as often as they like but I would ask that you sign the reading record book when they have read to you or to themselves at home. We have a reading session every day where the children take part in a variety of reading activities one of which includes Guided with me. Here we focus on using the skills needed to decode words as well as developing comprehension skills.

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