y1 w/b 22.11.15 nativity time!

Date: 26th Nov 2015 @ 6:33pm

Wow isn't November going quickly!! We are almost in winter! This week has been jam packed! In the mornings we have been doing maths and English but the afternoons have been nativity practise! We did oir first run through! Thanks to all the children for showing patience during nativity practises... it is difficult to sit and watch when you have seen it lots of times! Next week will be nativity nativity nativity! (With a bit of R.E maths and English thrown in! ) Maths-This week we have been adding 123 subtracting 123 and then adding 3 numbers (finding number bonds then adding on!) They have been learning to add and subtract on a number line and find missing numcers in a number sentence...tricky! English - we are learning all about hansel and gretel! The children have sequenced, retold and writteb the story. Next week we are going to make our own stories up using the same model! Science- we have been sorting different materials into machine made and natural! Some of the conversations the children had were really deep. Oliver claimed the wool in our classroom was both machine made and natural (from a sheep ) what about a pencil!)? R.E we are thinking about why light is important ajd how it makes us feel. Next week we are having a diwali day on Wednesday where the children will taste Indian food learn about rama and sita. Make diva pots and learn about how light is good and darkness is bad. We will then make some chrisdingles, an advent wreath and learn how light is important in the Christmas story! Phonics- Miss Porters group have been practising different ie sounds i-e igh i y. Mrs Moxley's have been practising ow ur and phase 4 tricky words! Homework- thank you for covering the books with wrapping paper! At the back of the book I will glue high frequency words that the children need to read and write and a list of exception words. I will also stick phase 3 and 5 sounds! On the blog I will put some reading book questions.

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