Ironbridge Day 3

Date: 29th Apr 2016 @ 7:30am

Good morning everyone from a very sunny Ironbridge. Long may that continue. The children all slept incredibly well and most needed waking at 7.15. They are currently stripping beds, getting washed and dressed and packing. Interesting to say the least, a couple of items of clothing have been rescued from the sheets.

After breakfast we will be walking to Jacksfield Tile museum where we will all have chance to design and make our own well as touring the museum. We will come back to the Youth Hostel to eat lunch and then head home on the coach. We will take photos again of all the activities today but might not get chance to upload them until we get back to school.

See you all later.


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Mummy, Jessica, Lucy, Alyssa & James wrote:

Jessica says "I really enjoyed making the tiles last year so I hope you do to Joseph" xx

Mari, Andy, Catrin and Stampy the cat wrote:

Enjoy your last day. Lovely and sunny here in Bunbury also. Looking forward to seeking you at pick up Ioan. Spag bol for tea! Xxx

Caroline Nuttall wrote:

Hope the weather continues to be nice all day. Have fun making your tile. Looking forward to seeing you later xx

Harley (the gamer) wrote:

Feels so long ago already even though it was this morning!

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